V-Force 4 Replacement Reeds - Banshee

V-Force 4 Replacement Reeds - Banshee

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Original equipment carbon fiber VForce4R replacement reed petals exclusively for the VForce4R reed valve system. We also carry replacement petals for VForce 3. 

Please note: Replacement reed petals are sold in complete sets of four, which is enough to replace all the reed petals on one reed cage assembly.

Are you checking your reed petals for signs of normal wear? You should be. A reed petal is a wear item, and as such should be checked regularly for signs of wear and fraying. A reed petal is opening and closing 144 times per second at 8,000 RPM, so it's understandable reeds can wear. If wear and/or fraying is visible, it's time to replace your reed petals to maintain peak engine performance.

Remember: Intake gaskets should always be changed when replacing and/or inspecting reed petals to maintain a perfect seal.