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Interstate Battery
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Interstate Battery

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Designed for vehicles like luxury cars, minivans, and trucks that require an AGM battery or have a lot of accessories and plug-ins, the MTZ, equipped with Pure Matrix™ power, delivers super-premium battery life and power for starting and accessories.  

48 Month Warranty

800 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

Group Size 34R

Mounting Flexiblity

Absorbed Glass-Mat (AGM)

Almost 3X the life of conventional flooded batteries

40% more cranking power

Plenty of power for accessories and plug-ins - even while the engine is off


Part NumberMTZ-34R
Group Size34R
Cold Cranking Amps800
Cranking Amps1000
(RC) Min @ 25 Amp125
Amp Hours (Ah) @ 20 Hr62
Length10 13/16
Width6 3/4
Height7 13/16



  • Interstate Batteries Deep-Cycle mobility product, our DCM0035 Replacement battery fits many products such as Jazzy Chairs, Leisure lift, Pride Mobility Scooters, Ranger All Season, Kubota mowers, Invacare battery, Hoveround MPV5, MPV4, MPV3, MPV2, MPV1, and other Hoveround products batteries, Bruno wheelchairs. This product is not a replacement for golf cart batteries
  • Rechargeable, Maintenance-free and spill proof because of the AGM & VRLA (valve regulated) technology that eliminates spills and overpressure.
  • 12volt 35 ah sealed lead acid battery. Dimensions: 7.68 inches (L) x 5.16 inches (W) x 6.42 inches (H) Terminal: INSERT W/BOLT REPLACES FLAG TY
  • Quality product - our rigorous testing 7 point quality protocol - ensures we exceed industry standards and back our products with an unmatched 1 year no-hassle warranty.
  • Professional-grade quality product developed specifically for wheelchairs and scooters. Long life for deep discharge usage. The best performer for heavy demand mobility, wheelchairs